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Pregnancy Care During Summer: How to Cope Up With Hot Weather?

Pregnancy Care During Summer: How to Cope Up With Hot Weather?

By PV on Apr 11 2018 - 8:39am

You have probably read that summer is when you need to pay the most attention to your health and you are wondering whether this is actually true or not. Here are some useful tips to survive the summer season and maintain a healthy pregnancy:

Drink plenty of water - this might sound like the obvious thing to do but dehydration is a serious matter, as it can accentuate the fatigue sensation and even cause the body to go into shock.

Breathable clothes - during the summer season, choose clothes that are made from breathable fabrics; opt for large, summery dresses and make sure that you feel comfortable above all else.

Avoid going out into the sun - pregnant women are more easily affected by intense temperatures, so you might want to avoid going out in the middle of the day (when the sun is most powerful).

Broad-rim hat and UV sunglasses - these two accessories are more than essential, as they can provide the enhanced protection.

Sunscreen - never go out without applying sunscreen, preferably one that offers enhanced UV protection; choose products with ingredients that are safe to be used during pregnancy.

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